The Sky Is Not The Limit, the first book in the trilogy, is now on sale at Amazon and all good book outlets and of course, you can buy it here by clicking the box above.
The Book Of Tents - By Rudi Enos

Rudi Enos is a design engineer with 30 years experience in the event industry. He has built several of the largest portable tents ever built. Some of these tents, tension membrane structures and stages are measured in acres rather than metres. There are only a few designers in the world who fully understand the engineering and packaging of these remarkable tension membrane structures and Rudi is one of them. With a direct involvement in many hundreds of built projects he is an acknowledged expert in this field.

For quite a few years now, Rudi has been working on a book about tented structures. It was entitled 'The Book Of Tents'. Despite two offers to publish, and the fact that it is over 150,000 words, Rudi decided to split the work into 3 manageable books, with each focusing on the core subject. The first, The Sky Is Not The Limit, is now available in soft cover format as a full colour A4 book. The books are;
  • The Sky Is Not The Limit - about the development of large span portable structures from 1980 to date, including the Guinness World Record Valhalla (Tensile 1) portable structure which is the largest portable structure available for hire in the world. - 60,000 words plus illustrations - due in 2013. Click here to order The Sky Is Not The Limit. Alternatively you can purchase the book from Amazon, Waterstones or any other major online book retailer. The book is currently on offer at £18 rather than the RRP of £28.
  • The Book Of Tents - a reference which covers design, analysis, workshop practices, manufacture and erection of portable structures. - 150,000 words plus illustrations - due in 2014.
  • Tents And Events - covering the operation of temporary structures in today's increasingly complex events business. - 55,000 words plus illustrations.
This website will feature additional media and information linked to each book where applicable. Movies, images, plans and other material will be available only to the purchasers of the book. Registration is required.

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